A rather unusual brief. The client had been commissioned by the developers of Battersea Power Station to fit out the Sales Suite at the new, super-luxury development.

As it had to be in keeping with the age and history of the location, the final concept was to recreate the original Power Station control panel, incorporating a ‘countdown’ clock. It had to have a distressed, antique look – which was quite difficult to achieve as many of the dials would be back-lit and mounted behind clear Perspex. Yet they would need to look in-keeping with the unlit sections. Also, the dials had to be precise and exact as there was no wiggle room in the schedule. It had to be right first time.

Despite a very truncated deadline of just three days, we managed to achieve what the client had asked for, even creating a wider variety of dials than they expected, which they were very grateful for. The display piece was a resounding success and the developers were delighted.

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