I am not dead. Probably.

Hello, good folk of the inter-webs. It’s been a while (okay, fine, a little over eight months) since I posted anything here, mainly due to life happening and mostly being entirely out of my control. A rather perturbing health issue (mostly a false alarm, thankfully) and deciding to move to the opposite end of the country, into a house that basically needs rebuilding have been the prime factors in this enforced hiatus.

I am not, as some wags have cheerfully suggested, dead. I have never been dead, nor do I have any plans in the immediate future to avail myself of the opportunity to cease respiring.

Anyway, for the two-and-a-half people that actually read this blog, normal service shall resume henceforth. Or at least when I finish filling holes in walls.

Therefore I reiterate that I am, most assuredly, not dead.

Or am I? OR am I? OR AM I?*


*(Doffs cap to Amiga Power.)

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